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Through the courtesy of Drs. Vaughan and Tracy, already

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an eventual cause of disease, the same as in the case of entoxicaiion. An indi-

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surprising that difficulty should arise in interpreting findings and

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through the work of the Swedish investigators, Kling, Pettersson,

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as it were. We could also show the diastolic rebound of the ribs. With

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dulness did not extend beyond the right sternal line.

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New York undertaken to immunize the members of families in which a

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1 Etude experiment nle dps variations do la pnasicin veineuse, thesis, Lifi«e. 1909.

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The patient has had frequent nose-bleed for many years, bowels

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without regard to the strict situation of the parts injured; severe inflamma-

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definitely to note and attribute constitutional symptoms to the

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when it is employed for the removal of ascarides it is much more effective

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speculation that deserves careful consideration and further study.

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tebra; the lungs were engorged; the otlier viscera presented no lesions worthy

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verified and that the disease is even more widespread than they

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this test may be of value in certain groups of cases.

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Kate N. entered the Presbyterian Hospital with the diagnosis of pneu-

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free border. Petechia were present. The specific gravity of the urine

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Such are the reported effects of this remedy and method of treatment, as

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cient time has elapsed to judge of its final snccess.

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We will now proceed to a review of some of the clinical features

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alter the conclusions then drawn. They permit, however, of more

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The great objections are these: — 1st. The tendency to an elon-

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carries it onward. Usually at the end of twenty-four hours the

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says Basil himself, "to speak so plainly that whoever thought fit might

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to add to this already untoward and perplexing case, I discovered the abdomen

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