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of Professor Parkes' observations on abdominal surgery,
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The vomiting is another of those distressing symptoms which
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greatest amount just before the fruiting stage is reached. By this
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The pulse 120, feeble and fluttering. Urine sp. gr. 1015. Not affected by heat or
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undei^oes a notable decrease, sometimes falling nearly to the normal
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have been mainly a series of masterly but desultory essays, short
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that they approach and drop on the margin of the nostril, the
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on printing the Transactions were $3,298.02. Even if it should be
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plegia temporar?; the loss of speech permanent, except as to a few words
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tability, iii. Nutrition, iv. Reflex action, v. Irritability.
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claim the pathologic substance has in itself no power to immedi-
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must be admitted — is expressed by fcetor of the breath, sweats
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normal ; there was no vascularity, effusion, nor softening. External to
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which are destroyed by phagocytosis (streptococci, pneumococci) is
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tionate to facility of cure. This may or may not be
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Still, a beginning has been made, and enough light has been shed
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polymorph, neutrophils being about 80 per cent ; eosinophiles,
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my walking, for I do not walk lame, and the only inconvenience
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the addition of mineral acids to neutralize renders the above
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it seldom reaches the same height in children as in adults. It cannot be
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posteriorly, and again for a few inches at the base there was found a tympanitic
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tion, while it is in a great measure inoperative, as far as it'ts
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afflicted with a heart murmur. This ailment was not
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mirror, in the air, and is thus an aerial image. An im-
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of the organism arid contains a large amount of chromatin. When the

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