Estrace Cream Cost It Safe Use

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were separated; but it was found necessury to chisel through
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are remarkably fond. I have, for many years, discarded the
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dents quMl occasionne, leur cause, et les moyens d'y rem^dier,
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Summer Complaint. In 27 cases I have speedily arrested the dis-
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practically hopeless stage and the acute forms. These require every comfort
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TiCTiN (1894). Centralb. f. Bakt., xv. 840. Ibid., 1897, xxi. 179.
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received, one month previously, a vaccine containing, in addition to
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serum or proteid solutions are not more effective than solutions of com-
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to keep the rectum clean. The regular use of injections of cold water
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12. A Comparison of Tricresol and Chloroform as a Preserva-
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the enlightenment of ignorance alone, — since we must believe
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soon followed by nausea and vomiting, with great oppression at the
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him all that coidd be expected, for baby .^sculapius
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beneath it, though not usually co-extensive with the false
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1st, The introduction of new and less dangerous hypnotics;
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recurrence. The infant was less blanched, and made an uninterrupted
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nephritis the interstitial tissue is involved, and parenchymatous changes
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remained sterile. Klein had the same results in five cases. Klein
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ond kind, the continuing cough, the hacks, not so severe as
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or one death in 5 cases. There appears to be no question as to the value of alcoholic
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Officers for the enHiiIng yenr were elected an follows : Dr. J. D.
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which is sometimes very great ; lime and ammonia are also increased.
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were the controlling factors in determining the patient's
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exception of chronic tuberculosis of the lungs. It is well known that
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and its axis-cylinder are a continuous mass of protoplasm
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rejected risks, a matter presenting no insuperable difficulties for either

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