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while with the other he receives the reward of conspiracy
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in hypnosis I put a pencil in her hand with the object of obtaining
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use of the topical treatment in the hands of M. Jobert and the
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A — boiler : B — watev-space ; CC — thermo-syphon tubes ; D — cradle-
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proximal to the rupture. The section of the vessel was oval,
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Treatment. — ^Blood-letting, leeches in large niunbers to the throat,
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sal. The sharp kyphosis was instantly produced, with re-
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quire it, and the patient placed upon a fluid and nourish-
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probably return through the large opening formed in the abdominal wall.
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of dry organic matter, in 100,000 parts by weight of the
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muscular coats carefully and expose the principal vessels in the
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the constancy of which under normal surroundings there is no variable-
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Paralysis, ischsBmic, case of, in an adult (Edmund Owen) . 287
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Nifrop-lvcerin * ^' "^' Stewart, * n the J° urna l A. M. A., calls at-
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sonal predisposing factors to tuberculous infection. Infraclavicular or axil-
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exhaustion in children, although it seems formerly to have escaped notice.
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with as much water in them as possible without being damp.
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defect of action in the kidneys, and catheterism will be
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review of the literature** gives the same findings. The results obtained
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ligence and regulation of the intestinal action, but no change
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do what it was not capable of doing, tlie repeated disappointments were
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Rapidity of operation in these cases is a very important
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In the commencement of this case, the disease was no doubt an in-
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lesions in the form of diffuse thickenings or of circumscribed nodules,
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along with a large quantity of other MS. This misfortune also
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also be noticed. J. Anat. & Physiol., Lond., 1890-91, xxv,
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not partaken of solid food since the receipt of the injury. He had been
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patient if she had recently eaten any shell-fish, and was
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dairy products and the domestic arts, with the usual contests and amusements.

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