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roots of the phrenic nerve of the dog are cut on both sides so the

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distinctive composition, and the nature of the mixture of gases in sewers

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in a large quantity of water, and sweetened with oxymel. Three or four

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or with slight or no pain. 3. Chronic aortitis is a frequent

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when young. They both recovered. One of them had the disease

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more than a local rise of temperature is fever. There

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leaving no clear pole. The nucleus is dense, and placed near the anterior

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firms the conclusion, arrived at previously, that the secretion, so soon as

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fiital. As a rule, the unfavorable termination is due to lung complica-

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Bt<Mnach and inte9tines, in four fatal cases of tetanus ; and Andral has recorded a ctfc,

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symbols appear, like the 9 in the word that is clearly

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late, it is clear that the loss of nitrogen to the body in this form may be

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to give rise to elephantiasis (due to an infarction of the lymphatic glands con-

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What shall I now do to attract your attention for this evening

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of peristalsis, favors the passage of micro-organisms and

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years of age, or greater than 15 centimeters at 30 years of age, dis-

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caii-in:: aeute -welling ,ind .edema df tlii- drt;.in. \V lu\e

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do not cross, whose shanks parallel are set in a cross bar of

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time record. This plan avoids the construction of a perpendicular for each

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took up prominuiit syinptoinH of diHeaHON and gave all the dis-

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loss of consciousness at its completion, but rallied at once upon

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longed that it would be impracticable to go over the

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concluded that the proper time for this self-quarantine

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found, on examination, a mass in the posterior part of

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ported upon by your General Executive Committee, and. sub-

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right genu valgum, he removed a wedge-shaped portion of the tibia, and, after

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they have evolved and found to be the most efficacious.

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relations between different sugars and their fermentability were made

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tendency to relieve constipation. He was persuaded to go back grad-

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the right and left distal swellings which subsecpiently becomes

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