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and a removal, or at any rate a dilution of the poisonous irritant. This
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readily ; but swallowing is often accompanied by a good deal of spluttering
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band of brother workers might almost say, " It is better to die
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the purgative is omitted, there is a sense of great exhaustion, a
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(2) Culture. A sample of infected tissue, pus, fluid, or blood
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attack, had another treatment, and was well for another six
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are directly affected from the outside ; in the other the excita-
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already entered into fatal combination. Antitoxine, then, is not merely
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a. In cases of heavy infection with the vesical blood fluke, eggs
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Experience with these two indi\iduals made it possible to
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This solution is satisfactory for the ova mentioned pre-
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observed by other laboratory methods the course which the
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likely that the vascular disease originated about a decade later,
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Witness, for example, at what expense of time, and after what
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(par. 271c). Adjust the reaction to pH 6.8 to 7.0. Tube, autoclave
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stream) until the color of the mixture in the flask is
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they do. Here is their favorite passage : " Is any sick among
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working of that system in Memphis, after three years' practical
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ing us with sufficient patience to await the full action of a drug.
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such an extent that he was able to be up and about until the
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in March, and foUow the schedule of increasing doses until the
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is used in the phosphorus determination (par. 210), and
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had changed comparatively little. This was particularly true in
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method. In Phillips' modification, to diminish this error, 1/5 as
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reddish mixture becomes a dark color. Gradually add while stirring,
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sulphur, bryonia, lycopodium, plumbum, alumina, opium, and
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quantity, or enter into combination with other bodies, or are rapidly
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such as convulsions, muscular rigidity, and cutaneous anaesthesia or hyper-
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extract alone would also protect against June grass exposure,
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co-operation of a field botanist w^ho is familiar with the plants of
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from 15 to 33 microns, multiply by longitudinal division
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(2) The following technic is recommended for blood cultures
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secondary infections. The commonest causes of inflammation, as already
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in appearance, much like fibro-cartilage or coagulated albumen.
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physiological saline solution containing 0.6 percent, for-
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(segments) of beef or pork tapeworms passed in the feces:
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fluid (edema) or in fluid intake. There are occasional exceptions
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milliliter of suspension corresponds to the tube matched,
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Eecently oysters have fallen under suspicion, as being a not infrequent
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odor we have evidence that infinitely smaller particles act on our
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