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grammes of iron ; consequently, the loss of iron may be made up by

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16. Cinchona dellroys the emetic property of the fuper-

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the primary professional responsibility of the physi-

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as a sign, was apparent. But the urinary | the mass of the disease, was composed of

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tive and wait for this favourable result. That such an event

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tion (n=2; four with left atrium [LA] thrombus). One

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Aseptic and Septic Surgical Cases with Special Reference to

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is contracted, thick walled and contains fecal material. On section

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small, little bodies (kornchen) or particles, which are only to*

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8. That the National Board of Health at once establish quarantine stations

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epics. Survival is of primary importance in the Iliad, where war

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communication is to direct attention to a corresponding susceptibility of children

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field labourer, about forty years of age, and he first applied to

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his followers. Is any one simple enough to believe that

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its stoutness and its large eye. Chinese silk, only, is used

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on the nerve, we would naturally expect paralysis to have taken place

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poultices nicely applied are very useful ; but w^hen inapplicable,

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Original articles. Clinical notes. Correspondence, and Communications of

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add the common remark, that the physical and physiognomical cha-

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local irritation, if given in small doses. He had used for

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5. If the deaths from Trismus Nascentium be added to those of Tetanus, we

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Twenty Category I credit hours. Fee: $495. For further

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after the above statement I still fear that what I have already said, or

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by references to other eminent authorities, and thus to fortify

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itself. We once witnessed this affection produced by a severe

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and ulnar. The course of the brachial artery is roughly indicated

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confined with great accumulations of flatus. Enema to be re-

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is advisable in the great majority of cases, especially because about one-third

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be made out by the addition of certain reagents. He had

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When to Operate. — It is of the utmost importance to

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