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19th after considerable difficulty uterus was replaced, but

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but because of the destruction of the virility of the in-

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to yellow, the two organisms are very easily confounded, unless care

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by adhesions, exudate, or subphrenic accumulations of gas

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•RliLTniTig the Ship's Bnrgeon, — An action has been

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systole or a vertical dissociation of the cardiac action is quite a rare phenomenon.

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obtained from the examination of fresh unstained specimens in which, with the aid

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tonitis. While these had been hopeless cases, the operation had

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must be extensive, vital and human, unfettered by the ignorance

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output of total bacterial nitrogen. Wliether or not there was an accom-

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the past two years, more particularly a form of asthenopia in which,

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who, whether from natural stupidity or from fright and confusion of mind

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has a desire to gain some idea as to the demonstrated facts

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minately snipped with scissors, delicate sawings with

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incorporation of the farm-colony with the system of State

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Sometimes, however, it is desirable to make use of a dusting-powder

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Iii this paper I purpose to briefly review the indications for and the

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when these folds are inflamed this constant attrition

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loses a new pair of boots suffers, other things being equal, a greater injury

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the rapidity and certainty with which the tubercle bacillus, when

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from the premises that tarsal amputations are followed,

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logical conditions, this resistant power may be so diminished that compara-

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desirable to leave the floor'of the orbit, if admissible.

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age. Presents features almost identical with those of Case

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