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tion within a very limited range of pelvic contraction. 2. It

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The same thing has been observed at Bradford, where a peculiar

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to, rice, hominy, and green vegetables are allowed, the

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the body, as well as helping. the activity of the germ or the flies, or whatever

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securely swathed in a blanket. I took the little package

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the expense of current consumed and the long sittings re-

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from extensive and often long continued disease and who are there-

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The membrane which connects the horny plates, was called

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rendering it impossible to class them under either form of the disease ;

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Constipation is overcome by regulating the baby's milk

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sudden death was that in inserting the needle the shock or pain caused

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the general supervision of an advisory committee, appointed by

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inous. There were several islands of cartilage, the

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varieties of the parasite. Doubtless, also, the degree

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logically, practically the same as the mother's milk. These are—

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amendment which will let them in. Having been defeated at every point

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however, that a number of other diseases have been confused

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Intestinal obstruction in a child : Treatment by Bella-

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each systole, but sometimes the humming may be almost or completely

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year) on presentation of credentials meeting the requirements of the class to which they seek admission, and upon examinations on the subjects embraced in

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excellent expedient, relieving by acting as a derivative and by lessen-

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In suggesting the re-institution of post-graduate courses in

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sion and anxiety, a burning sensation in the mouth and fauces,

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ASA in SLE can alter hver functions, (2) liver biopsy may

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Again I was pushed into the box as before ; again it madly

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when moving it. Gave 10 cc. of serum. Third day, elbow

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whilst the patient sits upon a chair beside it : the operation on

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A Brief R6sum^ of the Carcinoma Organism Question. By A.

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