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with an increased incidence of cerebral hemorrhage com-

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Among the plans which have been suggested to prevent, as far as possible,

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tongue protruded at the same time ; again, if the child be told to

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the centre than at the margins; some were separate, but

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Acid — Jambul—.luniper—Lupulus— Mace— Men-

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ditions as a result of the judicious dis ribution of the funds

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any other that the writer has learned of, until the use of the anthrax antigen

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blished art of the toilette which have recently come under our

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of their application are shown in Figs. 123 and 124.

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18. De la Galvanisation par Influence appliquee au Traitcment des De-

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pressure. Frequent urine examinations were always negative.

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under my care a well-nourished, muscular young man, of

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Fifthly, the Doctor argues," It has been for centuries the practice

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patients who were rendered comparatively comfortable, as regards the

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tion of our misguided reverend brethren, in the hope that they may be

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Dr. Wood speaks of a new class of pulsus alternans. I was about

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qualifications new standards. These, also, had to be designed not

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meeting of the American Medical Association will appear

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(I) Methods by which we may determine Dilatation of the Heart

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Inasmuch as the nutritive constitutents of the blood are being

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germs, such as the staphylococcus, the streptococcus and

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ANATomcAL Appearances. — In acute glossitis the whole tongue

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purplish blue color ; lips and hands congested. Respiration rapid and panting. Expectora-

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the kidneys a larger quantity of adeps or fat very commonly

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the operation then has no reference to the fracture.

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as a “fully paid” member as that term is used in

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human. A medical missionary and his wife, who, though educated

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scientific purposes, Dr. Roosa said that if we were to have an international

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ment. The subject of treatment by means of animal extracts, secretions of

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opened more than an inch, and the deglutition and breathing al-

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opens his paper on " Morbid Habits " wit.i a very able

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