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zemas by means of the pure alcohol spray, and super-

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exhausts the systems of those suffering from serious causal affections of a chronic

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opinion expressed by Neisser, especially with reference to its

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found the occiput occupying very nearly its proper relative position, and

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prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying.

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toms had been very severe to have been caused by such minute

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no comment on these puerile absurdities; for who ever heard

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to depend upon causes as definite as the infection of the body with

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through the nerves of the guiglionic system, and the inosculation of the solar plexus with the par vagum." * * —

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stomach, where it halted for a second. I then felt it again ascend

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strongly-built young woman — was stung in the lower lip by

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to provide a pure drinking-water, since this offers a safeguard against

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•with the progress they hail already made, and, therefore,

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and then notes are compared as to the conditions found.

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fissured, assuming the appearance of the skin of the rliinoceros.

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bia, S. C.; Francis J. Wilcox, president-elect, State

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of animals, before the genital organs are brought into activity, or

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agony, which nothing would lessen so well as skilful and

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not be " compelled" to disclose such a confidential communication is very

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chitis, and heart disease. No injury to the ribs was known, but

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tions and various complications is to be conducted on general principles.

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The urine is scanty, dark in colour, with a slight trace of albumin. The

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making such a careful, thorough, and searching revision of such

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This was generally of a brick-red colour, firm externally, but soft and pultaceous in

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I The bitter inf usi ves recommended in simple ophthalmia may be given,

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cells, however, were enlarged, and contained an unusual number of small

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membrane of the mouth, without any wound or abrasion. In a

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ment. According to the same evidence, it may be further observed that the

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2. Detachment. — From the meaning of the term detachment

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having seen numerous liver cells three or four times smaller than

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