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hot appplications, — hot cloths, poultices, or the thermophor (see p. 68).
largely responsible for the selection of a mountain climate for pulmonary
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The author has succeeded in preventing an attack by giving 1.0-2.0 Gr.
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tion of disinfectants, we present below the method we have devised.
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gredient, and was always tried in as many patients as possible. In
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or less than this exerts a decided inhibiting action upon the growth
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arrange the point of the pipette just below this object under the
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next, two days later. The secretion was watery, and of a light-
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irrigation in such a way that it will not seriously deteriorate the
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pocket at the tip of a tooth root, a crypt sealed by connective tissue in
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Las Cruces, 3800 ft,, excellent winter climate with marked diurnal
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say here, that it consists of two members of the Solanacese, Dulcamara and
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doses (120 drops), no symptoms of myxoedema (intellectual sluggish-
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typhoid with nephritis or marked renal hyperemia cold baths should not
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the gallon. There are also iron and magnesium springs. The bath house
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have much in common with the diseases of the blood. They are (1)
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principally languor, lassitude, and inability for any exertion, and,
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should prescribe as few drugs as possible and these for as short a time
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the first ecraseur ever used in Edinburgh. He had, some time ago,
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of the rat louse. (See his PL 3, Fig. 38, 1905.) No other
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The date of convalescence is not, in many of the cases, the time
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Dr Bell said he had punctured the occluding membrane, and
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840,000, L. F. — 14,410,000, L. H. — 1,515,000.
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upon the occupiers. 2. Proper means of separation and privacy for

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