Slash Vxl Motor Upgrade

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in the leaf, which is longer pointed, and dented about
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roding and Exulcer ating Herb can do ; which Leaves
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rian Moly. Its Root is white and bulbous , or round
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its irritability, is one of the causes of asthma, is after all simply
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their little Houfes or Hutts of which great nefs of
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Alfred Ploetz, University Zurich, Switzerland, 1890, Meriden.
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Gerard’s Herbal) has given us an account of going
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middle Rib > jiandingon each fide the Stalk , each be-
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not be interfered with. Mayer observes that the vibrations of
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its Name) of a dully fhining color, tending to Pur-
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Belly, and provokes Urine gently : It induces Sweat,
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againlt Pallies, Lethargies, Apoplexies, Epileplies,
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the other Virtues of both Juices and DecoClion : Ir
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times not fo high, bearing one Flower apiece , confi-
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of exchange a regular file of the Medical and Surgical Report-
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Ivy , whence the Name in both of them, and in fome-
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It is profitable alio againft the Stinging and Biting*
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Kullet Leaved HylTop. 4. Hyffopus Sure nils Denfis ,
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among the P<tf Herbs: and for its bitternefs became

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