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able, and are subject to fits of palpitation and irregularities of the pulse.

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, „ , part of a Lobule. which are not present in iutcr-

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Morbid Anatomy. — The degenerative process begins in the walls of the

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I. Inflammatmis of its mucous membrane and its submucous or areolae

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usually takes place during the second week ; if serious complications occur,

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the ulcerative processes of typhoid fever. The mesenteric glands are not

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Hemorrhage is frequent in cancer, and does not often occur with stricture

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flows into the nose. A small electric light held in the mouth shows

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plished by wrapping the thumbs with a handkerchief, so as to protect

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and the injection into the hemorrhoidal tumors of carbolic acid has been

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ployed, except in times of emergency, when, from some sudden renal con-

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companied by copious coryza and infiltration of the glands and tissues of

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whether it occurs in an artery or vein, or whether it is in a terminal

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Symptoms. — The syinjjtoms vary with the organ chiefly affected and the

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underlying tissue and undergo liquefaction, and the whole, or a large por-

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Treatment. — The treatment of tetanus consists of preventive and

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The following are the principal points in their differential diagnosis :

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nosis is unfavorable when ascites, gastro-intestinal hemorrhage, persist-

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may form in the stumps of nerves after amputation. This is improp-

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of the disease are liable to have freriuent pleuritic thickenings and adhesions

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the posterior surface of the chest on both sides, and is best marked at the

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Treatment. — The first and most important thing in the treatment of

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prominent than in sub-acute pleurisy and has a '^rounded" look. There

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tion to Colorado as a winter refuge : the enormous monthly, and also the

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and (juiet are imjxjrtant ijrojjhylactic measures. Thei'c are undoubtedly

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rium, and all the attendant phenomena of intense nervous depression. In

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supply of the lungs, but the majority give relief by their action on the

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A prolonged systolic apical murmur reaching to the second sound is dis-

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the skin may be active, the body must be warmly clothed. Prolonged ex-

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> Jiirgensen states that the differential dijignosis between collapse and catarrhal pneumonia can be

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Caries in bone is a process similar to ulceration in the soft-parts.

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which the point of pressure caused by the weight of the body becomes gan-

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of cases, but they can be yery readily distinguished from rales produced

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cases of relapsing fever Avhich were abandoned to vjhey and the good provi-

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the lateral sinus and an infected thrombus result, while in other cases

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will be sufficient to maintain the bone in its normal position. A Vel-

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sharp end of the fractured bone into the underlying structures. The

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