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who one after another were attacked with diphtheria, two
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generally administered in a solution (liquor trinitrini), is one of
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degree of pressure and heat between the blades. Finally,
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cases are fed on a cereal diet with apparently good results — this is
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had been inclined to believe that there was some men-
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finger or fingers with no tendency to subsequent contraction.
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sight gradually returned, and they were all well by the seventh
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ing their shelter and care on the ground tliat there is no bed
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lera in our own city. So conclusive has been the array
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Therecentspecimenswerevery well and plainly got out, but what
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familiar with a class of diseases always disagreeable and sometimes
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of fresh standard Marchand preparation of peroxide of hy-
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much greater than in cases in which it is not found. In
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right eye, and the result has been satisfactory in the
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him for treatment, having 2 connecting suppurating sinuses on
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infarction and stroke reported with tricyclic antidepressants, especially in high doses. Caution
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unite, like those of the lips, nose, &c, but left an intermediate
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Fig. 27.— Fiia- the lymjjhatics. Each embryo is within its shell, which
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weeks of bleeding. The usual result is death. Such small operations
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or tetrachloride of carbon, because its vapour, quite heavy
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term, which have characterised their proceedings of
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life, to the anxiety of providing for the family, all tend
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lose its impelling force, and, all of the globules alike losing
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ing in front and above the latter organ. The clitoris was reverted so as to
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births arc registered have been effectually vaccinated. But
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return. 1 lie U. S. Office of Education in Washington
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age, and thus feebleness and debility constitute their dominant
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and the case promised most favourable. — London Med. Record, May 15, 1880.
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