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manner — in terms that the laymen could readily under-

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frequency of prostatic cancer is due not to heightened

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lessons in speech correction ; all should have the wise

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Carbon John H. Kupp, Palmerton John L. Bond, Lehighton

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Liver Extract Squibb is a sterile, aqueous solution, obtained from edible

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out power, generally have less coma but more gastric derangement;

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the American Physiological Society; Federation of American

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adoption of a ‘rider’ providing that ‘the patient should

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scope, in a few minutes the circulation will be seen to become

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last report. The reason for this, as the commission

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in his lifetime, under this section of this article. No

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The annual meeting of the Second Councilor District

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It may seem ironical to quote those familiar words at a time when the earth is ablaze with war; yet

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grams, these various features of gastric carcinoma will be demonstrated. (From the Section on Pathology

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and a change in the bowel habits. It is apt to bleed.

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determined by the court shall be taxed as disbursements by the

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medical reasons. These are very good mortality reports.

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which part of the butterfat is removed and to which has been added

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be well purged, there is no risk whatever in an abortive treatment

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diagnosis of verminous disease is, unfortunately, very difficult,

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nonprotein nitrogen was 64 mg. per 100 cc., and the

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The American Theapist has been received at our table. 'Tis a

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nomena. The fever is intense ; the face red and burning.

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Children over one year of age are given 3 -grain doses of salol.

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