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" A stillborn child means a child which measures more than lA in.
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grouped as a discontinuous- vital origin. Strangely enough, this
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Bau found it useful in copious evacuations, with most pain-
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with the mucous membrane. In the bronclii, trachea, and lower portion of
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likely to do infinitely more mischief to the community.
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The fifth, or trigeminal nerve, consists of two portions,
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Association defines a consultation substantially as a
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Let it suffice to say that no human power can ascertain
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Art. 9, is occupied with some experiments on human bile,
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back muscles. That was soon proven to be a fallacy. He
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breadth of the skull as well as the location of the
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sity for rapid inspiration, tell far more as to the extent
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many articles upon their habits in several periodicals. In
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and has the following composition : Beef extract 0'5 grm., sodium
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clothing, for it is proved that wool counteracts most advantageously the loss of
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"With him meat was rare, tie had a mouthful only every five or six days. He
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out augmentation or diminution of bulk in the muscular parletes.
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Emeritus of Pediatrics at the University of Chicago, Chair of the American
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M. Delioux has applied the same treatment to some cases of peri-
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this method of treatment, and are yet willing and eager to adopt
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in the episternal notch and a soft systolic murmur with an accentuated
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altogether, and to concentrate others into co-operation, may bo
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give rise to a cavity. Diffuse cancerous infiltration may simulate tuber-
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be appreciated from the fact that practically every portion of the
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from some unknown cause, take place; that galvanism
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the upper end expanding, for the extent of two inches,
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There must also be manifested a special morbid condition, and probably a toxin e
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l)atient who is to undergo a gyncecological examination : then follow
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though Ideler* has, with true Germanic industry, pointed in ancient re-
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formation of spores, and because it was experimentally demon-
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tion confirms our opinion that a board of examiners should be appointed
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chitis, and heart disease. No injury to the ribs was known, but

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