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mation to be now existing in the lungs as well as the pleura.

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Trachomatous Patients in Canada — W. Gordon M. Byers,

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mortality in unvaccinated smallpox patients is from

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glycerine was discontinued, but at the end of a day the action of the

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limited to small areas. The neuralgic attacks are less

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resection " after Dr. Ripley had made an incision. It

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perature has been disregarded. The routine method of the

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Without laying the swab down, withdraw tlie cotton plug from the

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a hundred, were of conspicuous merit. The address in sur-

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it must be from this relation that the updraft in the longer is caused,

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observed any unpleasant constitutional action in any case. 1

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fibres of the musculocutaneous layer could be traced. A little

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auditory canal with lukewarm water, the head resting on the

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hands in search of what he M-anted to saj'. For two or three daj's Ijefore

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morphia to be discontinued, and finding, on inquiry from the

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her head. She had an aversion to meat, and ate with avidity both fruit and

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of the catheter and sometimes the exhausting pump, to draw off

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and reach the sigmoid flexure, a reflex thru the second lumbar,

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Chambers Street Hospital for ruptured quadriceps tendon

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what little there might be incidental and secondary to

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the first enrollee and $200 for each additional enrollee

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whole, affords a tine illustration of inductive reasoning.

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weeks, with occasional appearances of blood at intervals ex-

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The efficacy of the Carlsbad treatment lies in the direction

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transversely. The leg was oedematous. The circumference of

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To the Vice-Cfiancellor and Members of the Senate :

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cases, or 2%. Other authors give larg'er percentages.

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of the arm will distend them so that in most persons they are made

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ration; such as boiling, stewing, &c.; or be brought into the same

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