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The patient was subsequently discharged, with the request to report
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preventive measures were used blennorrhoea of the con-
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the first three or four days, of means calculated to promote per-
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selves to their fears, refuse food and treatment, and exhibit more or
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ous forms of obesity there is a qualitative difference in the
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osseous tissues. Among these, Mr. Butcher's saw, Symovsky's saw-
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syphilis. I obtained a history of an obscure sore of the foot
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acetic acid: j Ammonium urate with microscopic precipitation of uric
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absolutely painless, and if proper antiseptic precautions are observed
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the youth of the land select it. Is it the spirit of altru-
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the blood-cells are absent, Osier suggests the name meth-
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jaw, w^hich soon drops, the dog being unable to close its mouth, and the
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Hospital is situated a block south of the College. The hospital has about 50 beds for
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weeks he was quite blind. He then suffered from a severe attack of inflammation
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nose flattened ; the nostrils dilated ; the teeth become loose ; the gums
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has reported cases of the above class to the medical societies of
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phalanx is extended. The thumb is usually extended. Rheumatoid
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obstructive element and intestinal stasis, with its train of symptoms,
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an obstruction, either temporary or permanent, prevents the escape of
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and has no object to get well, because that suit is not
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cBsthesia during menstruation, while the vascular sup-
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diate effects of the morbid poison on the tissue at and round the
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and navel to one finger below the umbilicus ( I-'ig. 4).
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dingy hue of the surface in typhus. The appearance of the eruption ear-
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in relation to the comparative importance of the changes in
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stimulating the pancreas in such a way as to call forth an increased conversion
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any method which encourages its use must be more repre-
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Dr. Wright narrated a similar case following a quinsy.
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min, riciu (from ricinus communis). Nencki, going much further,

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