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114. A similar motion by Mr. G. Duff was negatived without
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110 — Western Union Telegraph Co., Oct. aect 1.19
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outer third of the anterior surface of the tibia, in a groove
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si!)le and nearly absolute control over the patient when
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patients' cultural and food preferences. New patients were interviewed by
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liquid feces. The patient's condition at this time became so
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arterial and venous limbs (Fig. 3). Older patients showed a
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in cells — the one characterized by rapid, simple solution of the hyalo-
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The urine on May 20, showed the slightest possible trace of albumin, with
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where prospectors are flocking from all sides on horse,
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Hydatid Urticaria: 37. Achard. Arch, ginir. de mid. 1888, t. ii. pp. 410, 572
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five days after the onset of pleurisy produced by a single injection
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pain is rapid. A tumblerful of warm Vichy water should
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no very noteworthy enlargement may be detected. The situation and
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for medical relief are themselves causing pauperism,
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passed is, as it were, exhausted ; and when two circles meet, the arcs
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greater activities. Many glands have not only an external but
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ed; and that if inflamed lymphatics, or enlarged glands be pre-
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material to that in the abdominal cavity contained in a smooth-lined cavity
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operations, and whenever there is any doubt as In the diagnosis
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ample, a profound penetration, sufficient to promote absorp-
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the cocain. This total of six deaths to less than 2000 applica-
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well as abstracting the resulting, lymph. It may be
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being drawn into folds on the mucous surface. Effusion of blood into
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rhages may only be recognized by blood tests. The testing for occult
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inquietude at night, but perhaps more frequently a heavy, soggy slum-
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Mr. President and Gentlemen of the House of Delegates:
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less extent, and they are found to form the predominant and characteristic
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calling a physician to attend a patient assumes no responsibility

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