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(see fig. 34). It is very true that in many instances the para-
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were negative, as it was not recognised that fluorine combines with the
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practised on a large scale among soldiers proceeding
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nil, he had repeatedly asked to be permitted to take a class to
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lency. Med. & Surff. Reporter, Phila., 1879, xli, 271. —
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mand for an increased supply of its secretion. By thyroid
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convolutions, and to points immediately contiguous.
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unable to pass from the right side of the'heairt: through < the lung
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the use of germicides to destroy the gonococci. In those
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added the fact that there is tenderness, but of a different
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pital ; and Prof. Metcalfe an Attending Physician at the Bellevue Ilospital.
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It has also been of great benefit in one part ; glycerine, four parts ; sterilized
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Saunders RL, Bernini PM, Shirreffs TG Jr, Reeves AG: Central
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independently of those other conditions of dilatation and
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satisfactory nature of our methods of dealing with it, it is no wonder
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and for years an acquired sterility, likewise, upon replac
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£20<Vi per annum. He was a man of liberal and eidightened understanding,
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fistula and press the tract of the fistula with the finger
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continues, and the mucus coming up after the food is acid ; further
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At the end of eighteen months or two years finish the
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rigidity of the cervix, however, the exhaustion of the patient as a
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canal in its entire length, excej)t that here and there it presented
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temperature 101-9°. 2.S0p.m.: pulse68; temperature 102^1".
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tion to produce anatomic alterations, we may be par-
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night with sterilized water, beginning on the third or fourth
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These hospitals take care of a great many patients during
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These tumors are, with very few exceptions, congenital
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was also made Professor of Chemistry. In all of these

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