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the next case the pedicle was tied in three portions
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Saccardo, as they are foimd upon citrus fruits. Unfortunately very
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It has been suggested by Dr. Gliick that the clinical
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mucus, but in the initial stage of a cold there is not much mucus.
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but of a clearly localized neuralgia, which seemed to depend upon the same
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ought not to move South to establish manufacturing industries, for the
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medical service on account of the nephritis which still
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decidual cells came in contact with foetal epithelium they de-
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or at least to delay, the accession of the constitutional infection
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pt. 3, 662; 673. Also: Atti d. Cong. d. Federaz. d. soc.
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usually considered to be inevitably fatal. Most of the
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over the sore, to exclude the air, and prevent the dress-
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the discovery of aniusthesia by chloroform and ether in
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Dr. Phelps read the second part of the report on the
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taken into account before we arrive at an accurate conclusion.
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broken down his constitution by a trip to the seashore in
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rion of the two methods, the superiority undoubtedly rests with English
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Guernsey, and when, through the violence of the flame (so the
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I sent a young man from this city to California ten or twelve
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sides, denotes such a load of disease as is seldom recovered of.
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from one side to the other by suggestion. The special senses, sight,
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men. The precise causes for the localization of the depositions of fat
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totaller for a year or more after all signs chronic nephritis, were treated with rapid
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lumbar vertebrae, pancreas, liver, heart, and other organs was found, together
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made to have the schools administer these courses. Local needs and
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berculous epididymitis are borne in mind, it does not
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or thoracic scales. Forked cells larger than in Uranotcenia. No
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McCoRMicK — Priestly. — In Canton, Miss., on Monday, Oc-
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the symptoms of patients diagnosed as having pulmonary tuberculosis,
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of the plague is 278,722, and 56,894 healthy cattle have been
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laxed, I seize it in folds with strong dull toothed vul-
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It would be possible, by reference to the lessons of botany, to

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