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tion. The conjunction of increased muscular aud ner-
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he lost consciousness or not. All of the symptoms disappeared with the
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not carry malaria in the direction of Rome, for it does carry it and
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referred to. In addition to the symptoms presented by these, Morehead *
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peritonitis — evidently the result of its diffusible action, in
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precipitate of sulphur. The filtered fluid was completely neutralized
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is, at present, distress of stomach — inchnation to vomit ;
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decrease. In Moscow there occurred 11,267 went on satisfactorily, the greater part of
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is frequently mistaken for farcy and cannot always be easily
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outline, position, and percussion, by hematuria, by the action of a
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The muscles always present important changes. 'J'hose of the affected
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upon the cerebral fibres which are continued into the nerves going to the
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able, this course may not be advisable, and we must be content
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an American doctor with the soles of his feet badly frozen hold
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rion of the two methods, the superiority undoubtedly rests with English
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posing, as we do, that this is sufficiently demonstrated) might
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undue and morbid degree, and thereby destroy the regular
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blood to the skin, and accelerate tissue changes. (The saline
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that the rules laid down for distinguishing the cases in which cold, and
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healtiiy cattle, and to the human being an affection exactly Uke that
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of the heart, I did not observe any increased vertical or
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eight weeks, with a resultant scar which leaves nothing to be desired in
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which exists and must be maintained in every damaged individual
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Berlin, or in the out-door department of that institution. Of these
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Fig. 4.— Thik Longitudinal Section op the CoRPua Spongiosum (Man). Pkepaked

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