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universities, foreign and domestic. I require no othei
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Welker. 9 After thorough mixing and filtering, the filtrate being per-
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that she would recover, as slight gasping ; thing better, we purpose making a few re-
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difficult to designate a dozen individuals in Boston and its vi-
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mercury into use, in the treatment of fevers in New
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the whole length with Professor Johnson, or only part of the
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knee-jerks, and the disease is usually a familial one. In disseminated
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improved obstetric teaching both of students and midwives, and it has
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side of the stem. In a repetition of this experiment half of the stems
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They were among the first to employ the sharp curette
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in largest quantity near that portion of the bottom of the vessel from
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This work is an admirable treatise on diseases of the eye, and
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certainty the existence of an organic lesion, from the ab-
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and Saxony ; during 1731 and 1757, in France as gloss anthrax,
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in the lumbar region, extending round the loins.. Turpentine and
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able in student life for locating certain organs or systems ;
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unteers, 2,768 deaths, equivalent respectively to an annual
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in fat tissue commonly form calcium soaps, calcification of a lipoma
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tracted from the arm, followed by an opiate enema, but without benefit.
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waxy degeneration in general, is, we do not know. Dickinson,
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through which the sounds are conducted ; (c) the posture of the
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Improved Endoscopic Apparatus.— Dr. W. K. Otis read
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Dr. Wyckoff trusted that this action would not be considered as a discharge of the
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about a century and a half. In all that time the courts have
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The data on which this investigation is based have been taken
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ASCUS diagnosis as favoring a reactive or premalignant
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during each day. He drank so much that he was incapacitated for
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victim of professional infection. W. von Heineke, professor of
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Case XXXII.— January 23, 1900, W. D., aged 47, of Colum- i
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