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duced by the stroke on those substances, and which is so loud as to ob-
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soldier, now employed as watchman in a safe deposit company.
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absence of coloring in the serum may be explained in certain cases
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to decrease, although ova may continue for years to
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indication to the contrary in the immediate text, we take the
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Surgery Morbidity and Mortality Conference, Wednesdays, 7:00 a.m., UAMS Education Building, Room G/141A
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For the elementary schools one short morning session is enough.
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by violent reaction and perforation of the cornea. If it
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and Taylor). (9) Conditions of ill health, particularly digestive and hepatic
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|| From the Time*.—" The poems are selected with taste and Judgment"
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often been likened to that of a frozen corpse, to thick vellum, to leather,
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produced by pyrexia (although the precise relation of the degree
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room, exhibited the greatest fortitude, and even cheerfulness,
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So = 34.5 sq. cm., / = 0.03, = 1.40, /3' = 1.27, K = 0.0214, 2p = 79.
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ject, he states that dilatation of the right chambers of the heart
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others described, is variable in its degree, and although more or less per-
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drawn to the importance of testing the contents of the
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was strange, and his answere oft^n incoherent and irrelevant, or else
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clinical importance. The waxy kidney is, in the great majority of cases, ac-
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sure, or otherwise abandon the case, had occurred to me before the operation.
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appearance of strength with a certain lightness and cheerful-
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The optic nerve with its sheath receives its blood- supply
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may be accompanied by severe cyanosis and prominent signs,
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immunizing infections. If a child were kept at home and could immunize its
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of the diagnosis. It is not to be doubted that the disease is frequently
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the jirogress of some chronic diseases, and resume tlitir former
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age of 14 and 15 in 36.4 per cent., and in 11 per cent, only was it before the age
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over a clear, healthy looking skin, and attended with very little sensa-
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mentation and it deserves to be quoted at length. "The coverings
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cent), both with advanced and beginning pulmonary tuberculosis. In three of these cases
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