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exudations into the pelvic and auljacent cellular tissue, after the acute
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a fairly hard consistency — speaking for the moment of skin lesions only.
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made in the methods of modern primary teaching of normal
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location or condition of the kidneys, as noted in the
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in hospital and consulting practice. Regarding the similarity of the process
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the human race, and for a man not to make himself acquainted
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tiL a relapse occurs with the former symptoms, and they generally
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in each side of the chest, and the pericardium was tightly distended with 12 oz.
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weeks. Dr. J. A. Sterritt has general supervision of
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Bozeman, 296 Fifth Avenue, May 27, 1879. — Med. Record.
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tion of which is extremely potent in the causation of
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diphtheria or <arners had been found at any time. The term "masked" means thai the
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epitome of what it had accomplished, but rather to contribute new data for the
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as an extensive eruption of papules affecting adults ; connected with
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MM. J. Bertrand and Bruneti^re to represent it on the
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progressive emaciation, and other symptoms which belong to the cancerous
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ration represents an excess of nitrogen 5.94 gm., pro-
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of 2.4 per cent., during the course of the Pasteur treatment. Cabot,
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to your view the signs, course, and results of the disease, pre-
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(lie was always afraid of being in company, lell marks on the
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has been so liberal that a handsome addition to the Library may be antic-
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following : — First, if any jury find that a man commiUed the
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volume or the vital capacity. Now the vital capacity
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in consultation in which there had been complete suppression
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were attacked with the disease, and II died, The disease was extremely
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then hurried to the nearby residence of his family physician, Dr
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also, invariably broke out at the port or town at which such
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be difficult to determine the exact origin of a malignant growth, and in
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follows : President^ Dr. Alfred Mercer ; Vice-PresidentSy
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having been applied to the breasts — suggested that the case might be

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