Is Estrace And Estradiol The Same Thing Gymnastic

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and even distinct convulsions. The patients complain of burning

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in rough handling. I have excluded this specimen from the list, although no

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For Biography, see Am. .1. Sc., N. Havcu, 1884. 3. s.,

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of uniform size, approximately three-quarters of an inch in diameter,

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the fize of a walnut. Upon opening the fac, the contents

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of shattering which was revealed by the ulceration and sloughing that had

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are presented. The clinical clerk reads the history and,

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but that is a matter for future and no doubt differently educated

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spur, and after eighteen months of time it developed

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Treatment of Ovctrian Cysts commitnicating with the Rectum. — Mr.

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it is sufficient to use a three-per-cent. solution; if you can get

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logy, aye, and studied it much, too. That I do not much expect in Eng-

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and received their diplomas. Interest in this direction is doing consid-

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however, queftionable. There is greater reafon, perhaps, to

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most frequently measured was fifteen divisions, or .00030 of an inch, pre-

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has been known to make its exit at the knee ; and another, which entered

is estrace and estradiol the same thing gymnastic

precedes all other symptoms of rheumatism. Chorea is not uncommonly

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"When it is considered desirable to empty the uterus, owing to

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DiL HiNTKK siiid that his oiiuiln was silvor-phitcd,

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varicose condition of the labial veins. Leucorrhoea may be the cause, or

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r.?i 'Sf, inn '^"'"'r°'°P'^'"^'^' '''■■ by the tetanus bacillus and its toxins.

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i'elt over the entire cardiac region, most distinctly at the

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Communications are invited from physicians everywhere; especially from physicians of the Pacific

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her 3,700 doctors 71 members; Mississippi, 21 ; Ken-

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sway. Irrigation by cold water is also extensively employed.

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port or formation of coagula in the arteries as to anticipate the occurrence of

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normal. The Wassermann reaction was positive with 0.4 c.c.

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in the treatment of chronic complaints, are we to consider spinal neu-

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