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squabbles ; and these once lost sight of, who has earned
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and drainage of pulmonary cavities, because retrac-
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cessive operations were followed by 6 recoveries, or
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accompanied by extensive induration, it is contracted.
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the same purpose, and give effervescing powders. As soon as the
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British Museum, and which he says "bears witness to
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ward, from one side to the other, and from below up-
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tors necessary for normal hemopoiesis. Hotv supplied:
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than in the upper extremity; in fact he could only re-
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A favorite recent requirement of theoretical sanitarians^, and one which
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veyance of sounds. Recollecting the facility with which a solid body
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Najlb Taky-ud-Deen. acting asst.-stirgeon, from Washington, D.
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mistaken sensation forms a frequent and specious defence on charges of child-
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vial membrane. Several of the tubes inoculated with pieces of syno-
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•' The sickness was not confined to the patients, but spread through the house,
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with an ability to diagnose disease. In his closing remarks,
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necessity, when no shame could attach to the full knowl-
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Dub. The London College also errs in applying it to Kino, and
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formation of several settlements on both sides of Cape Farewell, whose
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inspiration. On careful observation lung tissue may be seen
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fundamental part of the cicatrix. At the peripherv of chronic ulcers in the
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■well and so fairly conducted that there was very little oppor-
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absorption of urine by the peritoneum, and its continuous accumulation in
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below and uot above ; and so a lesion confined to the {ko^lvr i<<r ivhimii'
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by the swelling and transformation of the protoplasm of

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