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The first ball, presumably deflected by the skull, passed

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rejoined lii- unit in I'r.iiue, and on the nijjht of his return he was seen bv

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that for the first two or three months of this session, as

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possible, and pays " the devil" to omit all obituary notices of the

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amount of water consumed in the system, and the less that eliminated.

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small. It is difficult, of course, to decide upon measures which will be likely

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its fellow, and cause death. An early recovery from pleuritis with

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fail, and in no <lisease does iced champagne or some

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on visual disturbance in albuminuria, by van der Laan; on

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about money matters, or thought would come to want, or would

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nutritive disturbance — t. e., by elevation of temperature and loss of weight, due

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having passed the requisite examinations, were admitted

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s[)oii(liiiL:; (Iccrt'asf in the polyiiuclenrs as compared willi adults,

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eye." Manifestly his eye is much more penetrating than

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lakes, and seas, often even in the internal parts of living plants

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nth. Sat up in an easy chair some eight hours. Continue diet and

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be found one day highest at the spine, and on the next

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skin and subcutaneous tissue may be involved or the process may go

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with my family to begin practice, we chose to live in

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the renal excretions considered by the first — less experi-

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Psychoses of the War. By H. C. Marr, Lieut.-Colonel, R.A.M.C.

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and with the aid of a cane he was able to walk. Although the

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this nerve is produced by injury in the supraclavicular fossa or axilla. It may

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who may register. Only those who ma)- register, invited

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Wilkinson and Butterfield : Paroxysmal Heart Block, with Paroxysmal Auricu-

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the nasal passages, is the true origin of almost all diseases of the throat

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analyzed the clinical histories of 475 cases of carci-

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met with in those cases which are not inflammatory,

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